To the Fatigued and Weary

To the Fatigued and Weary

Well here we are.

Another election behind us, another day in the pandemic, another day of worrying about school closures, job security, deceit and treason, violence and incivility, ignorance and arrogance—it’s hard to know which worry to prioritize.

It’s even harder to know who to listen to or, more particularly, to want to listen to one more loudmouth with a computer or microphone.

Yet here we, the founders of The Civility Initiative, are—laptops poised, mic ready.

We’re here because we think the country needs a fresh start, especially when it comes to talking politics. As a group of millennials and Gen Zers, we’re used to being stereotyped as entitled snowflakes living off our parents. Stereotypes have grown worse in the country and not just for certain age groups. Whatever your political affiliation, it seems you can only be one of two things: a racist who voted for a genocidal monster or a cop-hating socialist trying to destroy the United States.

So, with the country so divided, is it imperative that a bunch of 20-something-year-olds, with recently earned college degrees in hand, share their newly matured political opinions and economic know-how?

Well, no…and yes.

Of all the voices who have the public ear, where are the Gen Y and Gen Z voices? When do we get to represent ourselves? When do we get to publicly combat societal issues? When do we get to prove that we’re more than the stereotypes attached to our generations?

The answer, of course, is now. The four of us (Lance Sayers, Logan Longhurst, Ranae Rudd, and Mosiah Olvera) started this initiative to help lessen the division between the left and the right, to fight misinformation, and to explore and explain current political topics by writing and sharing researched articles. We’re here to give voices to millennials and Gen Zers.

We hope you’ll join us because our initiative is for you; it’s for everyone. So come left- and right-wingers, come political enthusiasts and novices, come boomers and Gen Zers, come pessimists and optimists.

Let’s create a #freshstart.


The Civility Initiative Team

(aka Your Friendly Entitled Snowflakes)